Characters, Not Crossovers

A Guide to Character-Driven Comics

About the Author

My name is Robert Gilchrist, and I have been a comic book fan for half of my life. That may not be saying much since I just graduated college, but in that time I’ve dedicated countless hours of my free time to digging into the histories of comic book characters like Batman and Silver Surfer, as well as the industry itself.

After having talked profusely with people about where to start and how to get into reading comics, I’ve developed three key “rules” that everyone should keep in mind. They are…

  1. Don’t be afraid to jump in. If you see a series that you want to try, go out and give it a go. Start with a single issue or collection and go from there.
  2. You don’t need to read every single issue of Superman in order to understand the character. If you want to star somewhere, look for the beginning of a certain writer’s run on a book.
  3. Don’t worry if a story reference something you haven’t read about. This can be to build an interconnected universe for Marvel and DC. If there’s back continuity or key details you need to know, the creative team will give you the details as they go.

I know that it can be a bit daunting to dip a toe into the world of comic books. After all, I was there once. Not knowing where to start. But the best thing I did was to just jump into the water and enjoy the ride. I hope you come along and enjoy the conversation we’re having here. Even if you try just one of the books we talk about on this site, I’ll have done my job.