Characters, Not Crossovers

A Guide to Character-Driven Comics

The “Mission Statement”

Being a fan for over ten years now, I understand that reading comic books can sometimes be an overwhelming hobby. The different publishers constantly jockey for the attention of the fans, doing anything from constant reboots to massive crossovers to make an extra buck. For new fans it can be challenging, but for lapsed fans this can be even more stressful.

One of my old high school teachers, one of the people who got me into reading comics on a regular basis, has fallen into this second category. I visited him a few months ago and asked him what he was currently reading.

“Nothing new,just old stuff,” he said. “The character-driven books aren’t out there anymore.”

I tried to convince him for a solid half hour that he was wrong, but talked about how he knew all the backstories and older comics were good, but that the newer stuff seemed impenetrable. What was the point of continuing to read when he had enough stories from decades past to entertain him?

This is what my mission statement is. To dedicate this blog to using my knowledge of the industry and what’s out there to recommend new books to fans that may be hesitant to getting back in the game. If I can get at least one person back into reading comics, whether they be from big publishers like Marvel and DC or smaller studios like Dark Horse and Oni Press, then I will have succeeded.

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